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  • This website was updated on 05/14/18.
  • 2nd Quarter Ways & Means 2018- Now Available    Get it here and please share this announcement at you meetings.
  • IMPORTANT MEETING NOTES: The Bronfman Center is not available until August 12th- Sundays 6:00pm Tools and 7:00 Integrity Meetings are looking for a new location TBA. Please check back for details.
  • Journey to Visions-Cape Cod Retreat: Saturday 5/19 & Sunday 5/20/18.
    Veterans Memorial Primary School, Provincetown, MA. For complete information and registration please visit the J2V website.   
    You can also Download the flyer to print and share at your meetings.
  • SUPPORT YOUR DA SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS.Group contributions keep your DA services functioning. Here is the Suggested Group Contribution Policy.
  • NYC Meeting List is NOW available. A copy of the list for December 2017 is available here. We rely on you to help keep this list up to date! If you know of any new, changed or closed meetings, please let us know!
  • Intergroup Information listed here. The time, location and information about the monthly Intergroup meeting is listed here.
  • GSR Information listed here. The time and location of the monthly GSR meeting is listed here.    Or, you can visit the GSR website for more information.
  • The DA Treasurer's Guide. Get valuable advice from DA's General Service Office about how to fulfill this important service.
  • DA Recorded Speakers online. Hear or download recorded stories of experience, strength & hope from recovering debtors in NY on our website.
  • Blank "We Care" sheet available here.

Last update:04/19/2018

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