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  • This website was updated on 07/17/19.
    Is your life unmanagable because of debt? See the D. A. Welcome Video here.
  • IMPORTANT MEETING NOTES: Intergroup has changed time and location.
    Intergroup meetings take place on the last Thursday of the month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. All DA members are welcome to attend. Meetings are held at the Sheen Center
    18 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012. Next meeting is 7/25
    Information about Intergroup meeting is listed here.
  • 2019 WORLD SERVICE CONFERENCE - Orientation call:
    Sunday July 21, 2019 1:00-2:30pm ET.
    For full information Download the flyer You can also print to share at your meetings.
    Will be held in Los Angeles, CA August 7th - 11th 2019.
    For full information and a registration packet, visit
    And Download the flyer to share at your meetings.
  • 11th Annual DA Retreat: Friday Oct 4 - Sunday Oct 6, 2019.
    Synergia Ranch, New Mexico.    You can Download the flyer to print and share at your meetings. You can also visit the website.of the venue.   
  • THE BOTTOM LINE is back!! -    Get it, and find out how you can contribute here.
    Please share this announcement at you meetings. If you wish to subscribe please contact If you signed up on the Intergroup mailing list above, you will get a copy shortly.
  • Latest issue of D.A. Focus- Now Available    Get it here and please share this announcement at you meetings.
  • 2nd Quarter Ways & Means 2019- Now Available    Get it here and please share this announcement at you meetings.
  • SUPPORT YOUR DA SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS.Group contributions keep your DA services functioning. Here is the Suggested Group Contribution Policy.
  • NYC Meeting List is NOW available. A copy of the list for March 2019 is available here. We rely on you to help keep this list up to date! If you know of any new, changed or closed meetings, please let us know!
  • Intergroup Information listed here. The time, location and information about the monthly Intergroup meeting is listed here.
  • GSR Information listed here. The time and location of the monthly GSR meeting is listed here.    Or, you can visit the GSR website for more information.
  • The NYC Public Information Committee -    Meets the second Tuesday of each month 6:00-6:45pm at Pret-a-Manger on the corner of 41st and 6th Avenues.
    D.A.’s 12th Step asks us to carry our message to the debtor who still suffers. Working through the principle of attraction, not promotion, we carry that message to the public in an informative, accurate, and non-sensational way. Please share this announcement at your meetings. For more information please contact
  • The DA Treasurer's Guide. Get valuable advice from DA's General Service Office about how to fulfill this important service.
  • DA Recorded Speakers online. Hear or download recorded stories of experience, strength & hope from recovering debtors in NY on our website.
  • Blank "We Care" sheet available here.

Last update:07/17/2019

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