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Signposts of Debting

We have all arrived at this crossroad.

One road, a soft road, lures you on to further despair, illness, ruin, and in some cases, mental institutions, prison, or suicide.

The other road, a more challenging road, leads to self-respect, solvency, healing, and personal fulfillment.

We urge you to take the first difficult step onto the more solid road now.

Signposts on the Road to Becoming a Compulsive Debtor

1.  Frequent use of the term "borrow" for such things as cigarettes, pencils, etc.

2.  Borrowing small amounts of money from friends.

3.  An association of charging with being "grown up."

4.  A different feeling when buying things on credit than when paying cash - a feeling of being in the club - a feeling of being accepted.

5.  An inordinate sense of accomplishment in just meeting normal financial obligations.

6.  Inordinate apprehension when applying for a loan.

7.  Unwarranted inhibition and embarrassment in what should be a normal discussion of money.

8.  A lack of concern about things that don't have to be paid for this month.

9.  Unusual difficulty in recalling and relating specific obligations to available funds.

10.  Unrealistic expectations that there will be funds available in the future to meet obligations incurred in the present.

11.  Inordinate feeling of euphoria on opening a charge account.

12.  A feeling that someone will take care of you if necessary, so that you won't really get into serious financial trouble - that there is always that someone you can turn to.

13.  The underlying, sometimes subconscious feeling that you need someone else to help you get out from under your financial problem.