World Service Conference in August

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott

August 2-6, 2023

hosted by The Intergroup Association of Debtors Anonymous of Greater New York

The 37th Annual World Service Conference (WSC) of Debtors Anonymous is the annual meeting of all worldwide General Service Representatives (GSR’s), Intergroup Service Representatives (ISR’s), and General Service Board (GSB) Trustees committed to providing service to Debtors Anonymous at the World Service Conference committee level in order to best advance the good of the Fellowship of Debtors Anonymous.

Below are links to register, pay, and download the John H Scholarship application:

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Download the 2023 John H. Scholarship Application


Who can participate on a WSC Committee?

World Service Conference (WSC) committees are a formal extension of the Debtors Anonymous World Service Conference, the formal business meeting of the D.A. Fellowship. According to the Conference Charter, only registered delegates who attend the Conference have the right to vote at the Conference. Registered delegates (who attended the last WSC and served as members of a particular committee during the WSC) attend committee phone meetings throughout the remaining conference year as voting members of that committee.

On rare occasions, a committee may choose to invite a D.A. member who is not a member of the committee to serve as a valuable resource to the committee’s deliberations on an ad hoc basis because of his or her professional expertise or other special skills. For example, a committee might choose to invite a guest who has key information to help it with a project. Any such person would attend a meeting as a guest of the committee, without voting privileges, and should not participate in any other way as a committee member unless agreed to in advance by a vote of the committee. For example, a committee might vote to allow such person to attend a single meeting, but not others; or for only a portion of a meeting, etc. Any decision to invite a guest is made by a vote of the committee. The discussion and vote should be done before the potential guest is extended an invitation to join the committee and the potential guest should not be present for the committee’s discussion and vote about the guest’s presence.

Because the presence of guests may be distracting to some committee members or disruptive to a committee’s workflow, a committee should not invite a non-member to attend without advance notice and a unanimous vote to do so. If even one member objects, the committee, in the spirit of Unity, should respect and strongly consider this minority opinion in its deliberations.

D.A. members who wish to serve on a WSC committee are encouraged to do so through the normal process; become a GSR for your group or an ISR for your Intergroup. Since every group is autonomous and should be fully self-supporting through its own contributions, it is up to the group conscience to decide whether they will fully support their representative’s expenses to the WSC. John H. scholarship has supported many GSRs and ISRs to attend the WSC each year.

For more information about World Service Conferences committees and caucuses, and past reports with minutes, motions, and recommendations, go to