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The Bottom Line Online

The Bottom Line is a newsletter published by the NY Area Intergroup that contains a collection of recovery stories written by D.A. members. It is available here or at some D.A. meetings as a printed version.

If you cannot get printed copies at your meeting and want to distribute The Bottom Line, please feel free to make copies of it. The current version of the Bottom Line is best printed on 8 1/2 X 14 paper. If your group chooses to charge any fee for the newsletter, you may charge only for the cost of the copying.

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Writing for the Bottom Line

You are encouraged to contribute your own story, please consult the submissions guidelines.  Also, we encourage you to bring the submissions guidelines to your meeting, in order to inform those who may not have internet access.

Submissions may be sent electronically to: bottomline@danyc.org, or by mail to:

Bottom Line
c/o Debtors Anonymous of Greater New York
P.O. Box 452
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163

The Bottom Line Needs Reporters

The Bottom Line is looking for reporters.  I would like to find anyone who is interested in taking notes for the Bottom Line, at NY events like the PRG workshop, the Old-timers workshop, and Share-A-Day, etc.  This will greatly expand our coverage of NY events. 
Some ideas for note taking can include:
1. Names of the presenters
2. Title of their workshops
3. Notes on speakers & group feedback, if possible
4. Quotes of DA wisdom gleaned from workshop participants
5. Workshop handout materials
All or part of this along with personal DA thoughts of the workshop would be wonderfully welcome by the Bottom Line.  & Would give us the chance to share some of the wisdom from NY workshops with those who missed them.  One person need not cover the whole event, just one meeting.  Thanks.

Email bottomline@danyc.org with any questions.

Submissions guidelines