The Power of Service Workshop – Sat. July 29 

A Workshop on Being of Service in D.A.  
Online via Zoom
DATE: Saturday July 29, 2023 
2:00 – 3:30pm

In this workshop, speakers will share their experience, strength, and hope on how DA service has positively impacted their recovery from compulsive debting. In Debtors Anonymous, we have powerful tools to aid in our recovery: sponsorship, action partners, pressure relief meetings, action plans, spending plans, outreach calls, literature, and all are dependent upon our willingness to be of service to one another.

How do you begin?  

Just as the Twelve Steps are guides for personal recovery and the Twelve Traditions are guides for group unity, the Twelve Concepts are guides for World Service. These Concepts serve as a path for Twelfth Step work on a world service level, and show how the DA groups, the World Service Conference, and the Debtors Anonymous General Service Board work together to carry recovery in DA to the still suffering debtor.

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